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Soddin' Champix

I havent been on here for a while and dont even know how long it is since ive been a NON SMOKER ;) but guess it must be week 8/9. Ive shared my turbulent emotional journey on Champix in the early days and am really gutted that its not got any easier. Either I am just a loony or its down to the drugs - based on the simple fact that I wasnt an emotional wreck prior to champix I think its a fair conclusion to reach that we just dont agree

Im sick and tired of feeling so miserable and down in the dumps every second of the day. I dont use the term lightly but I have no doubt I am experiencing a genuine bout of depression. Ive turned into a moody recluse - the opposite to the "normal" me.

So anyway..................

Ive decided I have to come off champix - I have cut out my morning dose a couple of days ago but have a constant headache. Hey ho, i can live with that for the time being

Has anyone come off champix early and if so how did they do it? Did the urge to smoke return? It really worries me.

Gosh - I sound a right misery guts - sorry :(

I guess on the plus side

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oops didnt finish

i guess on the plus side.................. i dont smoke:p


Congrats for persevering as much as you have.

Didn't use champix personally but have been depressed myself since quitting, if coming off the champix doesn't help it may well be worth visiting your gp.

Also check out the NHS website, try and get some exercise and pamper yourself a little.

Good luck and keep posting.


I came off Champix early with no problems and no desire to smoke. I started reducing the doseage after about a month, down to one tab a day, then half, then half every other day - and just stopped after about two months in total.



Can’t comment on the champix but can say that there were points were I and loads more also not on champix felt down and a little depressed its a quit symptom as much as a champix one and possibly more so, I think we are depriving our selves of something that has been an integral part of our lives which for some of us is years and years so I for one say if a bit of depression is the way to be smoke free then I can suffer it for a week or two but if it does continue for longer or becomes where you feel blue every day all day then go to the docs and let him sort you out it is not good to feel that way and it shouldn’t be a long term feeling and they can give you something if you need it which is also better than smoking so hope you feel better soon and if not I’m sure you will do the sensible thing.

So no matter what you know where we are and the support is brilliant on here so come and use it and if it gets realy bad then PM some one we will be there for you xx


If you have any concerns at ALL that the champix is making you feel this way, please see your doctor as soon as possible.

I got seriously, majorly, life-threateningly depressed with champix - only it didn't click with me at all at the time that that might be the cause. Mind you, I was so caught up in the sickening pit of misery and anxiety that ruled my every moment that I barely functioned, let alone had the capacity to logically surmise that I'd never felt that way before I started taking drugs that alter the brain chemistry.

I stopped them because I ran out and couldn't leave the house to get more. That's how bad I got. I also started smoking again - but hey, as I was convinced I was going to somehow die anyway, smoking was no biggie.

So, how do I know that what I went through wasn't 'just the depression you get when you stop smoking'?

Because I went cold turkey 4 weeks ago, and whilst I may have had a little 'sadness' it is NOTHING compared to the fresh hell I lived giving up with champix. Before all the happy champix campers jump on me with cries of "Well, I'm fine, it worked for me, it's a miracle drug!", please remember that just because you had no side effects, it doesn't mean they don't exist. Some people are allergic to penicillin, remember!

So please, if you know how you are feeling is out of character for you, see a doctor. There are other ways to keep on the non-smoking path if you're scared of relapsing, so please seek professional advice.


I agree. I took Champix for about 6 weeks before the terrors kicked in. Sure, I'd stopped smoking for 4 weeks but I was an emotional wreck - crying bouts, screaming bouts and a horrible, terrifying RAGE that made me feel like I could rip somebody's face off and then eat it. Now bear in mind that I work in a primary school around very small children and you will come to the obvious conclusion that pure unadulterated rage and little kids do not mix! I stopped taking the Champix - just dead stopped, didn't cut down or anything. Had headaches for a couple of days but my mood altered back to near normal within a week. I have now been quit for 7 weeks and yes I still want a fag but I ain't gonna have one! Champix is a brilliant kickstart to a quit but I would seriously recommend only taking it for about 6 weeks at most - after that it can really mess with your head. So I guess I'm cold turkey now and still hanging on in there. :D


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