No Smoking Day
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day 35

Hi peeps...

Just thought id let you all know ive stopped taking champix, and yes im only 35 days in but im not thinking about smokes anymore and counting days that i havnt had a ciggy SO, from now on its just wringlys gum and deep dreaths of fresh air


Maybe i should take the tablets to the end but do you know what im not they have done the job.

Hey i even managed to get my ass of the sofa this afternoon and take my grand daughter out for a walk and go for a ice cream :D

energy levels must be up.

hope your all doing well with your quit


well done me

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Hi Dave well done and glad you are getting more energy its a great boost as I makes you realise how lazy and sluggish we were getting, keep it up but maybe carrot sticks instead of ice cream LOL


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