No Smoking Day
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shift over a bit please,

make a bit of room,for a small one

got here just over a month,no cheats nothing

still suffering a little bit physically,breathless ect

but hey well chuffed at making it this far,

so well done everyone for making it here,keep up the good work

am now going to make tea and toast,some thing I havent done

for years,was always tea and fag,but since quit have taking a liking

to toast



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Hi Stef, i've become a tea and toast person too. :D Much better than a fag. oh and i have become glued to the laptop during my b'fast.


well done stef xxx over a month ...i love toast again too xx mmm :) went off it wen i smoked kind of took too long to eat ..coz i wanted to smoke:o xx


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