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The dreaded day 3

Hi all

Well I've made it to the dreaded day three and keep reminding myself that by tomorrow morning I will be nicotine free for the first time in 28 years:eek:

Have a stressy day at work to look forward to and a suprise birthday party this evening which will be full of smokers :( I may not go just to avoid any temptation.

The Champix is making this feel a bit too easy - I feel like I should be suffering but the worst I've had is the odd thought of a fag which goes as quickly as it came. Still have a sore throat but had a much better night's sleep and the freaky dreams were back hurrah!

Will let you know if I make back from the Dark Side.

Oh and congratulations to everyone who's made it this far.


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Hi Andrea

Well done on getting to day 3.

I know exactly what you mean about the champix making it seem a bit to easy. Its like cheating but in a really good way :) .

I've avoided all social situations where I'm going to have a few beers and be surrounded by smokers so I really hope it goes alright for you. Maybe even throw a sickie to avoid?


Well done on day 3 keep posting and stay strong. :)



Well I've made it through day 3 in one piece so day 4 here I come :)

Scribble - how long have you been on the Champix?? Any unwelcome side effects yet??



Hi Andrea,

I'm just coming up to 4 weeks on Champix and 2 weeks without fags.

I've had the very common side effects of feelings of sickness just after taking one (but it passes fairly swiftly) and some headaches (again it passes fairly swiftly). The side effects don't seem constant however, some days I get nothing at all.

When I first went to 2 of the tablets a day, to my wifes horror and my colleagues delight, I got what can only be described as extreme flatulence :eek: for a 2 or 3 days.

After I made it through the first week I thought I was getting a few psychological side effects which started to worry me: I was getting nervous, agitated, very slightly obsessive (I kept re-playing trivial arguments in my mind) and my self confidence really disappeared. It was like that for 2 or 3 days and then this, well, black cloud that seemed to hang over me totally vanished. I had assumed it was the Champix making me feel like that but I thought about it long and hard and I really think that it was just a big level of my nicotine addiction breaking because when I've tried to quit before I got those feelings.

Keep an eye on any side effects that you have and if you get any really bad ones have a word with your GP or Nurse. Hopefully you'll only get the common side effects or have none at all because I've really found that the Champix has been a bit of a miracle cure for me.

All the best,



Ha Ha

I'm about a week behind you and luckily no flatulence as yet - I'd never live it down as I'm always telling my other half that 'ladies don't do that'. I've had the odd headache and a bit of nausea but that's it. Oh and don't forget the incredibly freaky dreams - the one where I was driving a lorry with Gene Hunt (Ashes to Ashes) sat next to me talking about appraisals has to be my fave so far. Everything else seems to match the withdrawal syptoms my stop smoking advisor said I may get.

Like you Scribble I've found it to be a bit of a miracle cure.

Hail Champix :D



Hi pookie

well done day 4 is brilliant xxx congratuations xxx


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