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No Smoking Day
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Day 13 intro

Hello to all, I thought it was about time I joined you guys. I Had been a 20 a day smoker for 20 yrs +. This is my second and last attempt to stop smoking for good, I like to think of my 1st as a trial run, I managed to stop for 4 weeks back in february then let a few stressfull situations get the better of me and made the mistake of thinking I could just have a few, how silly! So this time armed with lots more knowledge and Champix (amazed how easy it was to get a hold of! Had a 5min telephone consultation with a doctor I dont know?) I quit on day 10, Champix had maybe just started to make the cigs taste not so good particularily after the evening tablet but had still smoked the same quit on day 10 as had chosen 27th March as my day to stop (significant date for me), 1st week was a breeze, no massive cravings, no particular side effects from Champix (not a nausious person) apart from not sleeping great but I realise from my previous trial run this is the case stopping smoking and not necessarily the Champix. This week however been a different ball game, the past few days have been very trying, have had to give in to the food temptations and have eaten my way out of those craves. Feeling really bloated, had a bit of a sore head a few days? Really dont want to go down that route, managed to sucessfully shift a stuborn stone just prior to xmas and dont need to be putting it back on!! Not too worried about that, I am a pretty active person anyway and spent the first week filling my days cleaning etc, got a lively 4yr old daughter, 2 huge dogs, 2 mad cats and a Horse and 2 Ponies to care for and clean up after! I'm sure next week is going to be so much better, oh working away at the moment due back tomorrow he has a weeks holiday next week and I've got a huge list of all the things we need to tackle around the house and garden (poor guy!) So those cravings will be well and truly squashed!!

Was having a really hard day up till I came on here and after reading a few pages of the general chat, "one word on how youre feeling today" I had completely forgotten about today and even had a giggle at your expense.. (first giggle this week!!) brilliant reading, please keep it up, hopefully I can contribute something! :D

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This forum has been a godsend. The support on here has been absolutely fantastic!

Well done so far on your quit - you're sounding really positive which is great!! Keep it up!



Thanks Beccyboo, yes trying to keep positive I think its all mind over matter. Glad day 13 gone now 12 wasnt so great either!! Finally reached 2 week point. I think my problem this week has been allowing myself to sit and listen to the cravings gripe away in the background when I really need to give them a hard shove and get on with it!


Well done Susan and I agree with Beccy, this forum has got me through some challenging times as well as giving me the push I needed to quit.

Your life seems pretty full-on so why would you want to find time to smoke :D

Staying strong together


hi Tinypies

welcome aboard congratulations on your success so far long long may it continue :)


Thanks, really glad I stumbled across the forum, loads of really good advice from people in the same boat all escaping the sinking ship.

Makes a nice change to get some support, the one thing that seems to be non existent in my area!



Hi susan 13 days is just great xxx its good to keep posting through your quit ..its helps loads xxxx Be good to hear you :)


Hi Susan, well done it sounds like you are doing great and i agree this forum ia a god send. If your anything like me you'll find being around your horses will take your mind off things esp the crave.


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