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Done it!!

Hi all

Just completed my first ciggie free day in 28 years and I have to say that I'm feeling really chuffed with myself.

Using Champix which I felt wasn't doing anything so smoked up to day 14 but today the cravings have come and gone really quickly (apart from the panic when I first woke up).

Only down side is my car stinks :(

Just needed to blow my own trumpet before bed.


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hiya Andrea, Well done on your 1st day cig free. Keep Strong and you can do it.

Shir xx


well done Andrea

1 day done xx heres to many more x what a brilliant achievement xx:)


Thanks for the kind words and support.

Not feeling so great today - had a lousy nights sleep and have a sore throat:(

Woke up and my first thought was 'CIGGIE' but it soon passed so we'll see what today brings.



Keep strong,

Sorry to hear you're not feeling great, could be a quitting symptom.

If you get a crave, imagine your nicodemon as an ugly little imp in your head, and mentally imagine yourself punching, kicking, stamping on him, whatever helps really!

Good luck for today, take it hour by hour to start with!



Keep on going! The more you beat it, the easier it becomes! Trust me. I'm an exsmoker!!


Hi Andrea,

Congratulations on getting to your second day.

Hope you're feeling a bit better now. Keeping going, the first 3 days are the hardest and you almost halfway through them now.


Well done!!!!!!! We can do it!!!! My last day of the dreadful habit is tomorrow. This time I will succeed. WE CAN DO IT.

40 yr old mum

20 plus for 23 years


Go mosescat

Hi mosescat

Well I'm on day 4 now and to be honest never thought I'd make it this far - I've been terrified of quitting. Stupid I know but true :o

Good luck for your quit day - you can do it.




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