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My reasons a reminder to myself

I'm going to use this as a reminder to myself also in those moments when I feel a bit down about giving up so here goes these are my reasons.

I'm turning 35 this year and have been smoking since 11 fairly consistently. I have once before given up through hypnosis but only went for one session and a few months later fell back into smoking due to a stressful day. Giving up smoking has always been something I've left to my husband before rather than doing it myself as he's an habitual quitter.

The reasons for me smoking have grown over the years with the long term effects of smoking becoming more and more present. I went from a skinny nothing to over weight in just under a year due to what I now know was polycystic ovaries and endemetrosis. After a routine investigation operation I woke up to a bad reaction to the anesthetic and to find I had high blood pressure at a young age. It's yet to be under control and now I'm on 2 tablets a day for that.

Add to this I am asthmatic and whilst I've always known smoking was bad for me treated it way to casually. This past winter I've had back to back doses of steroids all winter only finally stopping when I've given up smoking - bit of a hint there as to what was going on.

I've even been tested for neurological problems due to loosing the feeling in my right leg leaving me with a constantly numb leg and having a daily headache for over 10 years now.

Whilst I know smoking hasn't caused all of this I'm sure and in fact being proven by what's going on now not smoking it's been a contributing factor.

I'm not even half way through my life and reduced to a former shell of what I was. I used to be a skateboarder, used to be very energetic and now I was reduced to finding it hard to even work and I have a desk job being a designer.

Aside from the health reasons I've also got a promise to myself of by the time I'm 40 running a marathon. Some may call it madness but with all I've been through I want my body back and this is one way I will reclaim my shape and mental state I once had. I also have brought a skateboard after giving up feeling I would never be well enough to skate again. I will be an old fogey skater :)

I've had one failing on this quit making my what would be 13 days only 3 days. That aside I've already got the highest ever peak flow reading since as long as I can remember. I am this weekend as an incentive going to go and get some new running trainers with all the money I would have spent on smoking by now (if you ignore my hiccup I'm up to £100 or so). I've also now had 3 low blood pressure readings in fact the last one was too low so have to keep eye on that. I'm finding creativity hard but looking forward to when I can design again without wrongly thinking smoking was helping me design.

Whilst it's not easy both my husband and me giving up smoking we're still there and still together although at times giving up together isn't the easiest route :)

There you have it my reasons to quit.

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