happy to move to the 2nd week forums

Hope everyones had a great bank holiday weekend.

Feeling good to start hitting the second week of living without fags. Its been difficult at times but I surprised myself by getting through a weekend a being with my extended family without a) cracking and smoking b) killing someone.

Breathing is starting to feel like a pleasure rather than a chore and I know that its going to get better and better and my poor lungs are starting to work and all that foul gunk I've been ramming down them for years is slowly starting to come out.

I've been having some slightly weird side effects from the champix: I've been (at times) a little nervous, dropped a bit of self confidence and very listless but I'm really unsure if thats the tablets or simply the nicotine addicition. I tend to think its the addiction just because my last attempt at stopping (lasted 2 days and was horrific) made me feel like that. I'd love to hear other peoples views and experinces.

Finally, I'd just like to say a very big thank you to everyone on this forum. I've had some very good advice and support and I've spent a great deal time of time reading old posts that have given me a huge amount of encouragement.



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  • Hi Nellie,

    I've not had much trouble sleeping - infact its been the opposite. However, normally I'm an insomniac and what I find really helps is Camomile teahttp://www.homeremediesweb.com/chamomile_health_benefits.php with a bit of honey. Or if thats not your cup of tea (I'm apologise unreservedly for such a poor pun) I also treat myself to a big mug of Green and Blacks Organic hot chocolate greenandblacks.com/uk/what-... which is just amazing. Hope that helps

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