6 Weeks Today!!

Hello Everyone

It's 6 weeks today since I last had a cigarette :)

I have been on Champix but have decided to stop taking them as of today.

It's either that or I get divorced. They have given me HIVES!! OMG I itch n scratch all night.....so himself tells me!

I can feel them....24/7!

So after taking them for 7 week @ half strength, decided to try without them.

Can anyone tell me for how long the Champix will actually stay in my system so I can at least get a good nights sleep?



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  • Hi

    i have no idea but im stopping the ol champix in a few days time as well ( 3 days to be exact)

    i took half this morning but as usual forgot again tonight, at least ill sleep ok tonight again eh :D

    champix is ace but my sleep pattern went right out the window

    just over 4 weeks for me, so im hoping ill carry on with my quit with will power alone

    i have heard about a week then its out of your system.

    all the best !

  • Hi Sally,

    Well done on your 6 weeks :D

    Can't help with the champix question I am afraid but hope your hives will go soon ;)


  • Thank You

    Thank you for the replies.

    Gaynor, we have the same quit date. :)

    I also stopped 22.2.10!

    Day 2 with no Champix......Hives are fading a bit........Thank God. ;)


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