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Day 33 - a bit iffy

Well I made it to the second month and that's unbelievable! But had a lot of cravings the last 3 days and using more Niquitin minis and suddenly got a very sweet tooth! Gotta a watch that as I haven't been over eating up to now.

Anyway, gotta keep going, I don't think I'll ever get this far again!

Hpe all you two monthers are having a good Easter weekend :)

Catherine xx

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Hiya :)

Dont worry about having a few things that are "naughty"

If it helps you stay quit, it wont hurt :)

Keep it up xxx


Well done catherine, you should give yourself a little reward of some kind, you deserve it.


Hi KatMac

congrats on the 33 days.

have a lovely smokefree easter


Hi Kat

Yes you are right you will never get to day 33 again and do you know why, it’s because this is your one and only quit.

You are not going to smoke again, ever, so the days will only go up and forwards not backwards.

So congrats on your 33 days and here’s to the next 33 and I promise it gets so much easier and you are right about the sweet tooth thing I had it from day one but it has now gone to about the same as pre quit and the weight is coming off so don’t worry, the quit is more important so if you fancy a bit of choccy then have some or you will feel deprived.

Well done again.


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