No Smoking Day
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well here we are

well here we are made it this far,but things have changed a little

have been taking champix since I started the quit,

I am on day 22 no ciggies

was wondering why I was getting out of breath and tight chested

really started to affect me,

also had appetite swings,headaches sometimes and a few other things.

these are things I never suffer from in everyday life,so was getting quite


a word with the old kitchen viper and then with the practice nurse


have decided to go this alone from here on in

I know that the tablets were helping me,just that I did not like the affect

they were having on me,which is probally very different to everyone else

but I am now 2 days in with no tablets nothing,

feel just as positive to see this through

and get this dam monkey of my back

will report again in a couple of days with a update on progress




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Hi Stef. I was in the same boat with the Champix. Found the first few days without it a little gnawy & tough but that was it.

Stay strong :D


Howdie Stef,

Please keep us informed as to how you go, i've just started week 5 of the tablets with no side affects, stopped smoking at day 13, they said to stay on them till 3 months is up. Good luck girl, hope all works out great for you, well done ;-)



well here we are,

no tablets for a couple of days now,this breathless thing is still happening

I am started getting worried now,

the sickie feelling and headaches have now gone

still not had a ciggie

am feeling really good about the quit,for sure the best desicion ever

but I have never felt so bad even when I smoked

will wait till after easter and then go and get my chest checked out

just cant seem to get my head around this ,with whats going on I feel almost asthmatic this is not good




Hi Steph

I also had the breathlessness went to GP and was diagnosed as depression/anxiety/stress....I thought that was rubbish but in retrospect it was.

Try not to worry and go back to doc to get checked over....

Good luck my lovely



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