made it

here i am on day 3 - never been here before and it feels great. Afew niggles today but i am just going to keep on going. the smeel on other people is so disgusting - cant belive i smelt like that ewwwwwew.

woke up with such a dry mouth this moring !!

see you on day 4


wont post till after easter so i ll see you all next tuesday have lots of choc eggs !!

2 Replies

  • Well done bigquitter,

    Feels great doesn't it :D

    Make sure you are drinking enough water hun. Will help flush all the nasty ciggies toxins out as well as keeping you hydrated.

    Have a lovely easter & look forward to seeing your post next week ;)

    Gaynor x

  • very pleased to see you here. Keep positive over easter and stay on the wagon!! Lots of PMA and water as gaynor says x :D

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