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No Smoking Day
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Day 37... New method?

Better start to the day than yesterday with no 'unclean' thoughts as yet...

Yesterday I managed very succesfully to eat my way through any temptations using a selection of savoury delights (which I won't mention)... today I've decided on a slightly different and rather controversial approach to any issue I may have..... I'm going to work :eek:

That's right.... I'm going to throw myself right at it and leave no time for any bad thoughts to creep in. Who knows, I might even start to catch up with the massive back-log I've accumulated since joining this forum!!

I'm not convinced I can manage this completely alone however and it's always good to know I can come back here for support on a regular basis.

I just wondered if anyone else has tried this bazaar method?

Have a good smoke free day people..

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I've tried

I tried Chris, but since stopping smoking I can't seem to do a full days work! I think I originally thought about coming on here instead of going for my two cigarette breaks, but I seem to spend a lot longer on this site (and other sites, clothes, google, etc) than i ever did when I smoked!!

Oh well, they get a few hours out of me a day :o


We're soooo the same....

I thought they'd get all this extra time out of me now I don't go for smoke breaks.... now I'm on here all day and have the occassional..... VERY occassional work break.:o


Hi Chris

I've found the cravings have increased agin last few days and I'm eating loads of sweet stuff erggh! Should stick to savoury like you but I think I've upped my use of the Niquitin minis a bit. Was planning on reducing sao not good! Still it's early days.

Don't work too hard, that's a habit you dont want!

Catherine xx


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