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No Smoking Day
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Day 13

Well, nearing a fortnight done, using champix, not a bit of smoke passed my lips. Weekends are hardest, the time spent in the kitchen, which was my smoking area, i know we've got some silk cut in the drawer from a party we had at Xmas that someone left. It'd be easy to take one and go for a walk and no one would know. I've resisted, I'll throw them out sometime this week so the temptations gone. Dreaming of smokes almost every night, quite bizarre, in all the dreams they've tasted disgusting tho!!

Had an appointment to see the nurse last week, to see how I've been gettin on and so forth, wasn't the same nurse I started out with, she was great. However this one, I'm not going about expecting to be slapped on the back and congratulated at every turn, but this nurse didn't even want to talk about it really, only asked if I'd had any side effects and basically said she wanted me on the tablets for at least 3 months, because it wasn't me that had done it, it was the tablets. And as I'm going away this weekend, said if I had one never mind, just carry on, it'd only be a blip.

Not the way to spur someone on really.

Anyway, as of 11.30 tomoro night I'm into my 3rd week. Heading to Austria on Saturday which will be a good test, damn near compulsory for Europeans isn't it!!

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Well done on nearly a fortnight done!!

Enjoy the holiday in Austria, of course drink, just be prepared for saying NO THANKS if anyone offers you a smoke. It's good practice, and you feel quite proud when you say no tbh.

From what i've heard theres alot of smoking nurses who are really far too clinical about the quitting .. to them you are just the addict coming off the drug... they have no idea sometimes that the best thing they can do is be is 'encouraging'.


My nurse was lovely

My Champix nurse was great, i followed her from one surgery to a clinic, but now she hates the clinic and is moving on again.

She basically said, well you've cracked it, here's your last prescription, and you won't need to see me again.

I felt a bit deflated, but thank god for this forum!! Much more supportive than nurses, family, non smoking friends etc etc!!



A big hear hear to that from me!

I think that sometimes there is a tendency to just see the patient as a 'case' - they see so many people that the empathy part gets dropped. Also, non smokers genuinely have no idea what the ex smoker is going through, no matter how they try.

But never mind - that's what we're all here for! :D


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