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day 21 people wohooooo !!!!


just thought id share the good news

day 21, All is good. been forgetting to take my champix tablets here and there recently and for the past week and a half only been having half a tablet... so im back to sleeping fine... ;)

ive only saved 39 quid so far but it wasnt the money issue for me, i dont want to get to 60 and have a tube up me nose cos my lungs are goosed.

deep breath.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ace ! :D


30-50 a day rollups with no filter

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No you do well dave, and 21 days done is an excellent start.

Really n truly you just stay quit.. quitting won't kill you, but smoking sure would have.. or at least reduced your quality of life dramatically.

Trouble with smoking is when you are partaking you don't consider the dangers as seriously as you should.. but how differently you would think if you knew someone who has suffered at the most negative end of smoking and you will certainly reconsider if this smoking lark was actually all it was cracked up to be.

The very best thing we can do for ourselves dave is not to find out the hard way.. you really are not seen to be any stronger for being a smoker.

In the UK over 100,000 people die due to smoking every year, and worse yet before they die, they very often suffer for some years before their number is up.. so what would their message be to smokers? How much would they support the efforts of folk who try to quit? If only they could tell us eh!!!

Well I think we are all doing the very best thing we can possibly do for ourselves by quitting dave, i really do.. better not to get so bad we can't do a damn thing about it, and quit now.

Good health to you dave, keep at it.. and even though you've only saved £39 so far, this is the beginning of something so much better than just cash alone.

Best of luck, and i hope to see you continue to be free of nicotine as the weeks and months now go by.


Well done doggingdave

21 days (3 weeks done) ...congratuations mate..moving into the month zone xxx :)

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