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patch trouble

Hey Guys,

I'm into my second week, on the patches but i am finding the patches are getting rather itchy.

I started with the niquitin 14mg and they drove me crazy, i would scratch the whole time it was on and @ least 48hrs after, so I have changed to the nicotinell which are better, i don't start itching till about 7pm then I usually take it off if it hasn't already fallen off!

I really sensitive chemicals and don't think i will be able to wear the patches for 3 months.

I thought I'll finish this week (4 patches) and then start on the nicorette patches (5mg) for 2 weeks and then just have to go with will power.

All three patches have different chemicals< i'm hoping the nicorette won't be too bad....

Has any one else done the patches for only a month?

How is susanmc, pandaspot and stu going with the second week?

Hope everyone is well :)

Molli xo

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hi hunny,

Well done on week two :)

Im just into my third week of patches, i am using nicorette invisi 25mg at the moment and i have not had any itchyness. so fingers crossed nicorette will be fine you.



Hi Molli

I weaned on patches but needed them for longer than a month (or so i thought) Some people have been successful using them for a much shorter period by cutting little bit off each day and reducing nicotine intake without a big drop.

I had some initial discomfort wearing them so shook first to get rid of excess substance (the patch not me):D and found the least itchy place to wear was on my bum.

I used micropore tape to keep patch on as weather was warm, also swim, sauna /steam without the worry of loosing it.

I was told recently that this is not necessary anymore as they are more sticky so was going to scrap that advice but if yours tend to come off it obviously still happens! So yea micropore from the big chemist and it comes in various lengths and widths

I know lots of people want to fly solo with thier smoke free life asap but dont rush and risk a failure. Keep a patch handy Molli as its better to stick on then spark up

Good Luck

Chrissie x

Thanks for that Chrissie,

I got plenty of room on my bum!!! I'll give that ago :)

I think 'flying solo' is my concern, just depends if i can find soemthing that I don't have a reaction to though.

Thanks for the advice xo


Hi Molli

I had an awful allergy to patches. I used Niquitin Clear for the first week then swopped to Nicotinell for the second, both 21mg and both itched like mad. I stopped them at the end of week two and just used my nasal spray and Niquitin Minis from then. I did struggle a bit the first couple of days but am doing fine now.

Someone said the allergy is sometimes to alcohol on the surface, so waving the patch in the air after removing the backing before applying can help. Didn't help me though! If the bum solution doesnt help maybe you can manage another week dropping a dose?

Catherine :)


Hi Molsta

Funny my patches don't make me itch but my husbands sometimes burn him a bit and I'm the one with sensitive skin.

I do sometimes have a problem with patches staying on though, I've seen me trying to stick them on with plasters when they've came of.

I'm doing ok, first day on week three, had a hard day yesterday as a result of a row with my OH, but got through it. Haven't got over the row though.


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