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day 4 and splitting headache

Well Day 4 is nearly done, Ive had a banging headache all day, Ive had to take the patch off as my head was going daft, I had a wacky dream last night that I'd had a cig and I was convinced I had this morning and felt really disapointed with myself, how stupid ! Ive really struggled today, cant stop thinking of having a cig and I feel very agitated and ratty which isnt usually like me. will this pass guys ?:confused:

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Thanks Chrissie,

I think Im going straight home and climbing into bed my head is really banging. Im gonna try and go patch free tomorrow.. Im really determined to give up this time and I know it will really aggravate me if I have one after being smoke free for 4 days. Just want to fast forward at least 2wks as Im hoping I will be much better by then. Im also staying off the alcohol which isnt a bad thing either x Just hope my will power doesnt leave me on the way home and I buy a pack :eek:


Hey Kadger

I'm on day 11 and it gets easier every day.

Keep it going.



thankyou susan I'll try and hang in there xxx


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