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Day 24 and feeling better

My first post in the 1 month folder. Am I in the right place? Day 24 just finishing.

This week has been the toughest so far. Still using Niquitin minis but I keep snapping at everyone and am not nice to be around. Well today's a bit better so I'm hoping it's passing. I'm stopping the nasal spray which I was using first thing in the morning and smoking wasn't the first thing that crossed my mind when I woke up today. Hurrah!

It's helped so much being able to read other's experiences on here, knowing there's rough spots.

The embarrasing digestive stuff seems to be calming down, thank God :eek:

Looking forward to reaching one month now.

Wishing everyone a relaxing smoke free week :)

Catherine xx

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Right place...

Hey Catherine,

I'm thinking you're in the right place and nice to hear from you again :)

So glad you're still with us and going strong. Things do continue to get better with every passing day so keep on looking forward and don't worry about snapping at people - they may well deserve it after all!!! :D

Thanks for msg, I'll hit you back tomorrow from work.

Take care...


Ha ha, Chris you could be right about people deerving it! LOL

Congrats for getting to your first month too :)

Speak soon Catherine :D


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