No Smoking Day
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day 10 nearly crumbled :(

so after all this bull ive been telling my self about how good it is being a non smoker the health benifits etc. the first proper day of being near someone smoking i nearly crumbled :( it didnt help when my mate was describing how good it was and looked totally chilled out while i was sat there playing with me stupid plastic quit kit toy :mad:

BUT.......i didnt and can march into day 11 still sort of happy. least i still smell fresh as a daisy and he doesnt. :D


30 - 50 a day

now 0 a day

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Don't you see that this person is so jealous and is trying to tempt you back?

Sod that, make sure you remain cool and if anything remind them how great you feel the second they have a smokers cough. (must have one) Go onto say stopping was the best decision youve ever made and will never go back. ;)

People 'project' their feelings all the time in the hope that you'll mirror it. Project it straight back onto that person, be clever about it and look after number 1 ...YOU.


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