No Smoking Day
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How ironic!

Hi, A smoker of 20 odd cigs a day for the past 20 years! Yesterday i decided that today I wouldn't smoke!

Feeling absolutely fine so far :D

The irony is, someone in my office at work handed me a pen "Breakfree - no smoking day", Thought to myself "Coincidence?" I then ask when no smoking day is...............

TODAY? lol, and here i am checking out this site just because i looked up when it was (mistrusting person that i am!)

Find it really odd that i decided to stop on No smoking day - when i had no idea it was no smoking day!

Ah well - continue on with my niquitin mints! :rolleyes:

Good luck to all who are going for it today!:)

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What a coincidence! It must be fate!!

Good luck and stay strong...we are all here for you! And each other :)

Coralie xx


Hi Andy and welcome to the forum.

Strange goings on indeed, spooky !

Great to have you on board, you will find loads of help and advice around here, read loads, post often, these things will help you stay strong.

Well done for making a great decision and I look forward to reading your posts as you progress.


Congrats on your decision Andy - nice coincidence there, should make it easy to remember your stop smoking anniversary come next year! :D

Come join our March quitters club (see my sig. - under the mad rambling)


Thanks for the positive messages of support! Busy old forum this! lol

Though tbh i have found in the past that if i think about "Never smoking again" it drives me to distraction, make me want one!. BUT if i just think "Nah! not today!" then i seems much less of a big thing to do - easier to get my head round, if you will!

And since everyday is "Today!" then it just goes on from there. I never feel like i am denying myself anything huge because it's just for today! :)

Just my pennies worth - and probably not work for everyone! But just thought I'd share :)


Yes. Its how I did it. And occasionally if a crave hits, its how I still do it. Choosing not to smoke, just for that 1 min or hour is a good way to stay calm and in control. Thinking into an endless future can just cause the onset of panic! Well done to you for choosing to quit and for choosing this forum!


I remember at the beginning of my quit "choosing not to smoke" for 1/2 hour, then choosing again. It does pass and it does get easier.


Been fine all day! - little cravings now

all day i have been great, no probs!

sadly now i am sitting watchin tv and suffering a little, popped a niquitin mini! as i have been throughout the day!

I think it's boredem more than anything else.



Hi Andy, well done on deciding to quit today.

I chose today also but i already knew it was National No Smoking day.

Had to get my Birthday out the way first which was Sunday.

If i get bored i just try and occupy my mind a little by doing something like coming on here, find some missed housework.Do college stuff.

Good luck with your quit :-)


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