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Day 13 Yipeeeee

Hi everyone!

Im half way through day 13 and I can not believe it! This is my first proper attempt at quitting, and I am using Champix.

I have had a few cravings where I just though sod it! I can't be bothered quitting anymore, but fortunatley I have great people around me and this forum offering me support 24/7!

The only thing I am worried about is drinking! I havent had a drink in two weeks and I fear that once I get a bit tipsy I wont have the will power to stop and just have a smoke... I really don't want to quit quitting and have to go through this all again. I will be going out in a week on a works leaving do, and I know I will be having a few to drink... Has anybody got any tips, apart from drink less? LOL!



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Well done....

Hey Frenchie,

Day 13 of my 1st (only) quit too!

I've given some thought to drinking and whilst I've not actively avoided it more than usual, I think I've only had two drinks total since I quit. I know the time will soon come when I possibly may have a few too many to drink and be out with pals who smoke and my approach is to make sure everyone knows I've quit and how much it means to me before going out. Hopefully not all your pals smoke so you don't get left like 'billy no mates' when they all go outside? I think it's important you shouldn't dwell on it and build it up to be dreaded event and put pressure on yourself or plan to fail by thinking it's inevitable you'll have a smoke. As a final note, if the worst thing should happen - don't beat yourself up over it either and stick with your quit. For me, the worst thing possible would be to wake up the morning after and spark one up.



Hi Nat...its not really Alcohol that's the problem its the social side of it!

There are only 2 things that will make you lose your quit!


2...A night out/drink!

You really are about to throw yourself to the lions on your first night you need to prepare!

The first bit of advice is to have a good drink in the company of none smokers in a "non smoking environment" a restaurant or a night in at your/their home. That way you can see how alcohol makes you fell in regards to cravings! But without smoking culture surrounding you.

You'll probably just find that you end up drinking more and coming on here saying "I get drunk much faster now Ive stopped smoking"! Its not that you get drunk faster...its just you temporarily replace smoking with drinking! Have a crave...have a drink! Vicious circle! :D

When you establish how alcohol makes you feel....Craving Cigarettes or not really fussed? then you can plan you night out!

If you crave cigarettes...I would sincerely advise having soft drinks for the time being! Your not being a party pooper...but think how much your quit means to you!

If you dont crave cigarettes....I would still advise trying to hang out with the none smokers, especially when the wine starts kicking in!!!

Its all to do with re training your body and mind! If this training means you have to be a party pooper for a few weeks...then so be it...its literally a few weeks! Im on week 6 and can now go out, huddle in the doorway with the smokers and drunkenly berate them about the damage they're doing to themselves! :D

its all down to you you feel. you know better than anyone how you'll react in that situation. The fact you have mentioned it on this forum suggests that you have your doubts over your will power whilst under the influence.

Simply...dont put yourself in that situation until you're ready! You will be ready eventually, its just takes time! Dont throw yourself in at the deep end though, unnecessarily! :)


HI Nat

Day 13, lucky for some eh?! I'm avoiding alcohol as I know that the two go hand in hand for me. It's been my downfall on previous attempts so I'm not risking it!

Two weeks for you tomorrow!

Catherine :)


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