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No Smoking Day
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day 2 of step 2 patch day 23

was adviced by my smoking cessation lady to drop down to step 2 14mg after 3 weeks of step 1 21mg this is day 2 of these patches, i feel like my mouth has had loads of fags at same time the taste is horrible, they seem really strong, i am going to go with this i certainly dont want to smoke but these seem really strong. any ideas ?????

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Morning Mary :D

Sorry hun I can't advice re the patches as only know what I've read on here but sure to be someone along to advice you

I just wanted to say well done you




Hi Mary

Wow - sounds strange to me that dropping down a strength can actually seem stronger!! Sorry I can't advise you, I'm still on 21mg patches here, but hoping to step down soon too.

Sure that someone will post soon to reassure us - lol

Keep it up...


thankyou marg, needed to hear well done today lol, i know its bizarre having this strong thing going on with the step 2 patch, well weird, although i dont want any cigs im not really what i would call craving for one, i feel weird today dont no what to do with myself kind off mood i suppose, im certainly not going to smoke today lol, but todays feeling will pass i hope everyone else is having a good saturday


Was you having trouble with the step 1 patches, I'm curious as to why the smoking cessation lady would suggest you go down in strength. I thought you was supposed to stay on step 1 for 6 weeks. I'm on the 21mg patches and nearly done 3 weeks though I am staying on this strength for the 6 weeks recommended before going down in patch.

I've had a few of those days where I don't know what to do with myself. I find a long walk often helps. Well done anyway.:)


i was starting to get really terrible headaches that were making me feel very sick i suppose almost like a migraine although i dont suffer with those, she told me although they recommened 6 weeks on step 1 most people she had been helping it was within 2 to 3 weeks they chose to step down, she said summit about some people dont need so much nicotene after 3 weeks but dont quote me on that lol, i almost forgot to change this patch this am too but when i did i knew it lol, no headaches as of yet. yes i may go out for a long walk later i had to do that yesterday felt great when i got home.


Hi Mary,

I found it took my body a couple of days to adjust when I stepped down a patch so things should settle soon for you.

I too wondered why you had come off step 1 so quick but I understand now. I hope those headaches stay away for you.

Well done on your quit, keep it up :D

Gaynor x


Hi Mary

I've noticed that different brands recommend that you move through the steps differently, although pretty much all of them recommend that you use the patches as part of a 12 week programme.

Have you changed the brand at all? (grasping at straws a bit, as no idea why they would feel stronger!)

Well done to you - I've got about 6 or 7 step one patches left, so I'm planning on using those and then dropping to step 2 - gulp... but sure it will be fine! :)

Lottie x


the only other thing i can think of as the patches never stuck all that well was that one min they would stick then a bit would come off then i would stick a big plaster over whole lot if the actual patch had lifted under the bigger plaster then i would not be getting tho nicotene in effect going cold turkey sort off, so today when i stuck this new patch on its been stuck all day no shifting it i think im getting some now lol but anyway they were niquitin clear 24hr ones, they alot better now but i suppose everyone is different,im not smoking i dont want any so got to be good hasn it


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