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Just at the end of my 4th week using Champix and been smoke free for 3 weeks. Over the last few days I have forgotten to take 4 tablets (2 morning and 2 evening) has this happened to anyone else? Is this too early to come of the tablets completey, if I feel I can do without? I did speak to my GP about this and he told me it would probably be better to finish the course.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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I have lost count of how many weeks of Champix I am on - about four or five. I have a tendency to forget taking some evening ones, but although I feel ok and don't feel any different when I haven't take them, I am reluctant to stop altogether. I think i have done so well, if i stop taking them completely i may relapse!!

I know I haven't got the greatest amount of willpower though, so you may feel different!!

Whatever you choose, well done so far!!:D



Hi Beccy

If I was to stop taking the tablets it's the dreaded night out that I'm worried about. I have almost cracked whilst having a drink over the last couple of weeks, particularly whilst watching my local football team:D

Maybe a safe bet to keep going for the time being. Thanks for the reply, just wanted to know what other folk had been experiencing.



Hi Mark :D

I also used Champix and like you I kept forgetting to take them at around the same time as you

I stopped them after being smoke free for about 7 weeks and didn't have a problem but if you're still wary of a night out why not try taking just 1 a day instead of 2 and see how it goes for a couple of weeks

I think Dr's sometimes forget that we're all different though and how a meicine works for one isn't the ame as for anyone else

If you really feel you can go without maybe try it for a couple of days but keep one with you just in case of need


Marg xx



Hi Marg

I have another 2 weeks course so think I might just try and lower the doseage and see how I get on. Suppose it can only be a good sign I'm not thinking about smoking or taking the tablets.

Haggis rolls seem to be on my mind a lot though:D



Champix issues...

Hey there

I know how you feel about considering quitting the tablets, I'm on week 3 (16th day smoke free) and though I sing Champix's praises, I am starting to worry a little about the side effects.

It doesn't happen every day anymore, but they do cause me to feel incredibly ill for a while most mornings. It doesn't seem to matter whether I take my tablet on a full stomach or an empty one - if I'm going to feel sick, I'll feel sick. Then, before you know it, you're so starving with hunger you're ready to pass out and can't seem to STOP eating.

Obviously that's still better than lighting up (eugh!) but I'm starting to wonder if there isn't a way of helping with this side of things. It's a little like being pregnant actually, so I'm gonna try eating little and often with plenty of fluids. If that doesn't work then I'm seeing my doctor and cutting down to one tablet a day. I can't afford to risk feeling sick, especially not as sick as I was this morning. Even if I did come off Champix, I'd do it under the doctor's supervision as I've read some pretty disturbing accounts of people having come straight off it. Though I must add, even in that event, I can't ever see me smoking again.


I certainly know about the eating part, my waist line is slowly starting to expand!

I've been really lucky with regards to side effects though - restless nights, weird dreams and a slight rash is the as bad as it's got. Definitely going to lower my doseage and see how I get on.


Hi Mark, this is my second time around on Champex and sort of know what to expect (for me that is) and like you i was getting the restless night thing. I have cut out the evening dose completely and have been fine. But as has been said, we are all the same but different:D

Good luck with your quit.



I was with my stop smoking nurse last night, trying to work out how many weeks of Champix I had left to take, and she noticed my pack still had a few of the evening tablets left in. She asked why, and i told her i had just forgotten to take them, but felt ok.

She said i really should carry on the course to the end, as a lot of people who said they felt fine and came off them early ended up going back to smoking within 4 or 5 months.

I was considering stopping, but I am determined to quit for good, so am just going to carry on to the bitter end!!!




I too keep forgetting the evening ones. I must say I have been very lucky as apart from a little nausea the first few weeks I have, touch wood, had no side effects.

Mind you, I wasn't entirely sure they were working bearing in mind these ease with which some people have stopped smoking whilst taking them and how difficult I have found it.


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