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old nic-he fights dirty

hi all, it's felt like a long haul but I am starting to feel better and see the bigger picture.The nicotine habit was for 42 years a way of life for me,it was a wonder cure,reward,relaxant,tonic you name it,there was a ciggy for every occasion. What a con.What I have learnt is that if I feel good or bad having a smoke would make no difference to any situation.Every one knows this,but feeling it is a different ball game. It reminded me of a time (a lifetime ago)after breaking up with boyfriends,I would always remember the good times and forget all the the reasons why I ended the relationships in the first place. Maybe I'm just slow on seeing the blindingly obvious. I can see it now. I don't smoke anymore, I am in control, I've achieved what I thought was beyond me. 11 weeks without a single smoke.I have found this forum to be the greatest help, for me it has made the difference between success and failure.

So thank you every one,

Marie x

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Hi Marie,

Well done to you on your quit.

I now what you mean about only remebering good things not the bad. Time seems to dispel all the bad or not so nice feelings. Like woman would only ever have one child if they rmembered in full detail what child birth was like lol.

Realising you are in control is a major step I think. That nico monster is a nothing & not worth any head space I have decided. I am only 8 days in & he has not whispered to me too often but I am ready to give him a good belt as soon as he starts :D

Have a fantastic day Marie. Relish i the feeling of control over HIM.

Gaynor x


Hi Marie :D

Well done 11 weeks smoke free is great and yes old nic fights dirty but you've beaten him


Marg xx


Well done Marie, keep up the good work, keep reading and posting it is the best way to stay stopped.



we shall overcome

thank you everyone,your support it has made a huge difference to my quit. well done Gaynor, 8 days is a biggy I remember those early days, but you're winning. Old Nic 0 gaynor 8 keep it up.

Marie x


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