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Day 13


Day 13 still smoke free.

Still managing ok though sometime I feel a bit "lost" if you know what I mean.:rolleyes: The thought of not smoking again is a little frightening but also exhilarating. I'm taking each day as it comes.

A little tip for those like me who are trying not to put on weight, or rather too much weight. I'm eating these sugar free boiled sweets, only 8 calories and they taste lovely and last ages. I've got the strawberries and cream ones, got them from Morrisons. Much more diet friendly than

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Wow WendyAnn!!!

Day 13? Go Girl... Your doing fabulously!!!

It'll all get easier very soon for you!

Give yourself a big pat on the back and a treat (none fag shaped) to tell yourself well done on my achievement!


Well done Wendy Ann

Just one word of warning - read the small print on those sweets - too many may cause laxative effects!!

Well done on getting to day 13 though, and i totally know what you mean about the "lost" feeling!!


Sweeties taste much nicer than a stick of phlem endusing poison dont you think :D

Chrissie x

Blimey never thought of them like that.:D Shall have to think of that next time I have a craving.

I'm only eating a few of those sweets a day don;t think I need worry about the laxative effect.:D

I do read continually, find it helps keep me strong.

Thanks all for the kind wishes.


I'm not sure what a boiled sweet is, but I'll look in the corner shop. Anything instead of all the cadburys I've been eating would be a good change :)

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