No Smoking Day
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day 13

hi its day 13 and i havent wrote on here for a few days ive not been too well in bed most of the time with a bad chest but while i was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself lol i was thinking this is the joys of packing in smoking is it really worth packing in and then my next thought was you stupid person i have got a bad chest because of all the smoking i was doing and then i thought it must be worth it so i threw the antibiotics down my neck and carried on i now feel loads better and looking forward to tmw when i can say it has been 2 weeks and give myself a pat on my back and say well do lynn you have managed to last this long and i say bring on the next two weeks the hardest part is done now thanks to all of you on this forum keeps me going and i dont want to be the one to let the side down and dissapoint all the people that are supporting me through this i will survive i will do it and i will do it my way as they say i will write tomorrow so i can say its been 2 weeks lol xxxxxxx

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