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No Smoking Day
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Into week 2

Well, I finally made it into week 2. Here I am, just completing day 8 and I have to say that it has been fairly good going for the most part.

I continue to feel good on the Champix and have not had any really strong cravings at all. I feel that an old friend has gone out of my life, and yes I know! "What friend would ruin your health and end up killing you". I do have to be on my guard, and try to do something different if the craving does start, but overall I am happy with the way things are going.

I encourage you all to be strong and keep up the good fight against Nic.

Together we can beat him. :)

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Congratulations Aremess! I am just so delighted to hear you so positive and upbeat, it's fantastic:D

I know it's difficult to write that 'old friend' out of your life and it does feel a little strange, but you are doing a sterling job!

Into week 2 for you and I only see you getting stronger and more determined, what an inspirational attitude you have towards your quit. I hope that some people thinking about giving up will read your post and see just how much of a positive experience it can be.

Massive well done!:D

Jenni xx


Hearty thanks.

Hi Jenni,

Nice to hear from your again and thank you so much for the encouragement. :o

With such positive feed back, it makes me even more determined to suceed and if my posts can help even one more non smoker to continue the fight, then I am more than happy.

If I have any bad days, then I will post them as well, but up to now I really feel that I can beat it this time.

Thank you again.


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