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end of DAY 11 and not feeling any benefits of stopping?!

(apart from smelling much better)....

im not feeling any benefits of stopping smoking? Im on champix and i haven't smoked now for 11 days. Those words alone make me feel good, but from a health perspective, i physically dont feel any different. I think the champix is blinding me, because i feel so lethargic, down and 'icky' !. :(

i would like to say i could do ok now without taking the champix, but i do still get the occassional craving and whether its just in my head but my body seems to know when im due the next tablet?

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Hi there, I'm on day 11 too, and I was just thinking the same earlier- I have a sense of pride and this has boosted my esteem, but health wise not so different. I'm impatient anyway, and I guess withdrawing from a stimulant is going to add to that.

I read back over the pamphlets that list the after x amount of time etc- to remind myself the benefits are there even if I can't feel them yet. Also organised to go swimming once a week well the kids have their lesson.

I'm trying to banish the whole "I don't feel any better yet" thing, because if I'm not careful, it'll turn into "I don't feel any better so I'd may as well smoke again"- it's so easy to give myself permission to smoke. I'm trying to concentrate on the positives- stains gone on fingers, house doesn't smell, husband doesn't tut at me etc. I'm sure we'll be running marathons in no time at all!

Pols xxx


The road to smoke free would be lonely without this site

Hi the well feel factor takes a little more than either you or I have reached yet but Im 7 weeks and can get up and down the hill in our village without gasping for breath wont say its perfect but it gets better all the time depending on how bad it got befor you quit.

I promise you will see the difference and it is so worth it so keep going and dont be lonely or get to a point where you think Y come and talk xx


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