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No Smoking Day
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How shocked am i??

I had nail polih on my nails constantly for the past say 3 weeks, tonight I were sat taking it all over and imagine my surprise when I see 2 differant colour nail {without polish remember} Oh my days, last time i put polish on i were a smoker :) hehe so the new nail length that has grow under my polish since stopping smoking is completly white!!! I never noticed ho yellowy looking my nails were before now! yes I see they had some staining, but not this bad, so I have 3 1/4 nail stained and the new fresh 1/4 white as it should be!!!

Also last night brushing my teeth I were looking in the mirror after my shower and noticed that my teeth looked a lot cleaner, I know ppl say smoking stains your teeth but because I didnt no any differnt to be honest I didnt actually beleive it lol, but in just a short space of time with out smoking my teeth are so much better and brighter!!

so to the ppl preachin at us as smokers 'you will gain all this, you will look/smell/appear better if only you stop smoking blah blah nonsense' WELL ah hem im sorry seems you were telling the truth :) lol

you never beleve it when your smokin, think its all a load of nonsense ot get you to quick, but im happy to say, so far I have found it all out to be true :)

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Quittings easy staying quit is hard

Hi I know waht you mean I am amazed at how good hands and nails look clean and no Nic stains and like you say Nails look whiter wierd LOL

You will also notice Hair gets to look healthier and if like me you had shadows under eyes or bags they start to dissapear keep it up its not just the inside that starts to heal but the outside as well and you will smell so much nicer The Bolw to me was having to wash all my clothes and iron them so that it made everything fresh LOL

Pain in the Ars* LOL


hi katie,

yeah I remember when the stains went on my fingers. Was great.

You'll find that everything just starts to look nicer now, nails, teeth, eyes, skin, hair (apparently - mines too short to tell really). Oh and not having a yellow tounge is great as well :p

I really noticed my eyes got a kinda twinkle back in them. They looked glossy again, like people in the movies!

congrats on 12 days. you'll be in week 3 before you know it. :D



Quittings easy staying quit is harder

This is a bit of a gross one if you smoke you get a dirty nose after however long its clean only noticed today amzing LOL cant wait to see other improvements and in my little book says lungs realy start to improve after

3 Months Im on 5 weeks and honestly breathing wise feel better so woop pee maybe they get better still LOL


oh god yeah jamangie- i'd forgotten about the permenant blocked nose. I think I had a semi cold the entire last 16 years! :o


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