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What a lovely day

Well its day 34 and I think its a nice Day and the suns shinning at the mo, I think that all us winter quitters are sooooooooooooo brave to pick this time of year to stop Im Mad whats your excuses, havent started this threat to moan which makes a change for me just to say went for a curry last night it was so hot compared to my normal Madras but as I told someone else earlier my smoking friend said no difference Must be me LOL

But I knew I looked ok but did I get a suprise when my fav waiter pointed out that he knew Id stopped smoking, wait, I know you are all dying to know how well he said I smelt nice and looked better wow now I know why I quit LOL

Oh sooooo good and uplifting LOL

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This is a ps from me

I rated this thread myself as I feel its such a good day to do it


Hi Jamangie,

Well done for hitting day 34 :) What a lovely compliment and a real boost for your quit!

You sound so upbeat its almost contagious.

I too went for a curry last night and had exactly the same thing happen. Not being told I looked nice sadly but my mouth was on fire lol. I wasn't sure if it was cos it was a different restaurant but reading your post it might just be my tastebuds coming back to life.

All good signs that our bodies are repairing themselves :D



hey jamangie,

well done on your first month done and dusted. Must be nearly 5 weeks now right? congrats!

yeah I remember the first time I got told I smelled nice and I almost had to check they were talking to the right person! lol.

great to read happy posts like yours, hope the rest of the week is as good to you :)



Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh taste the smells lol

Well i have decided that we all need to know the truth about quitting as it happens and that there will be sh** days but I think that overall the days that are good far outweigh them dont you and the further down the road we get the stronger our resolve gets.

I hope that I never place another cig near my mouth and that I am given the strength to not want to.

And that I learn to order milder curry


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