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Day 21 woo-hoo!

Morning all,

I have just realised I am on day 21 and am over the moon. Can't believe I have been a non-smoker for 3 whole weeks!

Still not had more than one drink but was out for a meal last night and didn't think of smoking once.

Had a bit of a tough time mood wise this past week but yesterday was a good day and today seems to be shaping up to be the same.

Still nervous about reducing my dose on the patches and worried about drinking but quietly confident that I can do this :)

Hope everyone is having a great smoke free day.


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Well done Debs

Don't worry about reducing the patch dose - if you don't feel ready stay on the dose you are on

Here is to 21 week hey?



Yeah!!!! 3 weeks is very impressive, I bet you are so pleased with yourself and you should be.

Well done.


Well done Deb 3 weeks is great, heading for you first important month soon.

Don't worry about the change in patches it usually works just fine, if you have some other NRT like tabs, chewing gum you can take that if you feel a little wobbly at first.





Thank you Jackie, Tink and Christine.

I swear I am losing my marbles this week. Sorry for taking so long to say Thank You. I am really pleased. Been reading some other folks posts about lowering the patches so feeling a bit better about that.

Also going to take your advice and stay on these for another few weeks at least. Like the idea of having the gum 'just in case' but think i might be looking to far into the future.

Hope all three of you ladies are having good days.



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