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Day 14

Nearly at the end of 2 weeks this week has been hard very hard.

It would seem week one handles a lot of physical stuff where week two and onwards is where emotional and psychology stuff creeps in.

Anyhow have done 14 days without a smoke at day 17 will reward myself as it will be about £100.00 not spent, even more because drinking nearly stopped as well.

I can smell someone smoking a hundred or more yards away, seem to notice people smoking a lot more when walking around esp in cars.

Well into week 3 with me where I aim to work on better diet and exercise program to keep me busy.

Hope everone else can see that little glint at the top of the mountain every now and then through the mist.


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Well done getting 2 weeks sorted. Yes I can still smell them at quite a distance, hate being in town with folk standing outside smoking, used to stink inside places now it stinks outside.

Best wishes to you.



well done on week two! I'm a bit late starting my exercise regime I promised myself at the start of my quit!

I too hate the smell. A man behind me at work with orange teeth and a comb over smokes heavily and it makes me gag sometimes!


Well done 20aday on getting through week 2.

I'm on Day 19, but did have a mini rant about week 2 under "Week 2 My Experience" in here this week. I found it psychologically hard, but I'm pleased to report that once in week 3 things got A LOT better.

(Reading Kate's description of withdrawing from Heroin, (in the same post) really humbled me this morning and put things back in perspective)


Well done Gary.



Thanks for all the positve stuff everyone it really helps.

It's good to see long term quitters staying with the forum day after day and giving support and advice to newcomers like me.

Its good being at a place where everyone has the same common goal so much energy and vigour for one purpose its like the Apollo Moon Program.

Thanks again



Hi Gary :D

That's great 14 days done and dusted keep it going


Marg xx


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