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Day 2 - oh how I hate day two

Day 2 has to be the worst.

I woke this morning and made a coffee. Strangely it went straight to my head and I haven't drunk anymore all day.

Chewed 3 gums when needed but otherwise stayed smoke free. :)

Staying off coffee too, Chai tea seems must nicer.

So onto day 3. Thanks for all the messages of support. :)

Glad I didn't get patches as I think the gum is enough, if I must ingest nicotine. :(

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Day 2 was my worst day, it was bloody awful. The only good thing is it is nearly over and you have come through it. I hope day 3 is much better (it was for me). xx


Day two is a tricky one, but heh it's done now (well almost, enough time for a nice bath and a read of a favourite book or magazine).

You've made it through a tough day which should give you great encouragement, you've done really well, been strong and not given in. Give yourself a HUGE well done :D

Take each day at a time, don't think about next week, month, just about today, every morning you'll feel so proud of your achievement that it will make you stronger, those days will soon mount up.

Well done again and have a great evening.

Lorraine. :D


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