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Day 22 - can't believe it!


Wow, I can't really believe I am on day 22 of no smoking. When I think back to the start, I could not imagine getting through 1 day, let alone 22!

It has not all been plain sailing but I think reading this forum and posting the occasional worry or concern has really kept me going. Therefore I wanted to thank you all for your help so far and I am sure I will continue to need it as the weeks go by!

Congrats to all of you doing your hardest to quit the evil weed :)

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Well done Hel!!! Day 22 is great :)

I know what you mean, I remember sitting on day 2 thinking that 1 week was miles away and impossible.

Enjoy celebrating your 22 days free of the horrible, horrible addiction.

Well done you!


Well done Hel - believe it, you're doing it!!! :):) 22 for me too.

Really proud of you Hel, you are doing fantastic, well done hun.


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