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No Smoking Day
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smoking dream

This was a bit leftfield! Not sure if its all the talk on coming up for 1 year, but at the weekend I had a dream where my husband fell off the smoking wagon. I found one of his smokes and a lighter and spent the rest of the dream looking for a place to secret smoke. Each secret smoking place was foiled in some way or another in a plot to keep me from smoking and my desire to smoke the fag got more and more! I woke up with the same feeling of needing to smoke, then felt relieved that I didn't spend my life anymore feeling that way! PHEW!

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Hi Fiona :D

Nasty dream but that's all it was but I know how you felt when you first smoked

I heard the other day from an old friend who hadn't smoked for nearly three years and she was like you had a smoking dream and when she wokes was really upset


Marg xx


Hiya Fi. Did it make your eyebrows sweat? Last week I dreamed I was having a smoking dream, very strange. David. xxx



I have had 2 really vivid smoking dreams - one earlyish on - and I woke up thinking "Great I can have a fag now" - and feeling really depressed coz I couldn't.

And one much later on - and I woke up and was so relieved and grateful and happy that I didn't smoke.

Must say it is good feeling up relieved that I dont; smoke.

And you're nearly at 1 year! Thats brilliant!!


Thanks guys. It was a bit of a shock getting one but its true its a relief not an issue when you wake. Dream not hot enough for eyebrow sweating davo! Think I must have bugged the life out of marg when I first quit! I am looking forward to the penthouse but it gets a bit lonely up here as fewer senior members hang around!


Hey Fi.... sorry for the bad dream.... but it's just a dream! That you're about to knock on the Penthouse door is no dream at all though!! Countdown is on very soon, quit buddy!! xxx


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