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Celebrity Quitters!!

Hi guys.

I am not usually the type of person who likes to watch reality shows or celebrities stuff, but this show is quite good.

It is shown weekly on Five, but I am watching in right now on Five website.

It goes to show how difficult it is to stop for anybody..even people who have the means to go on a long holiday, or stravagant shopping spree.

In front of addiction and death we are all the same!!!

If you have some time, wach the series and see how the reality of quitting unfold.

I hope this is helpful.



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Watch it online too, i've made a post about it in one of the other forums here:


Hi Jase...

Sorry, I didn't see your post about it.

The shows is good, isn't it?



:) no need to be sorry, its a good programme, definitely worth sharing the info about :)

I'm enjoying it so far, was gutted there wasn't new ones on over the weekend, but looking forward to the last 5 episodes next week :)

glad they had the online on-demand viewer though, was able to watch it on my 2nd monitor while on forums on the first :)


I was so disappointed it was not on on the weekend too...I was looking forward to it too.

I will be definately watching it everyday.



i would go as far as to say its harder as a rich celebrity as where i am quitting for financial gain and to be able to afford nice things is one of my many reasons for quitting. If i had all the money in the world i might not decide to quit. So good on them :)


It got me throught the first few days ..

Hi Guys,

I found this series invaluable during the first few days of my quit as they were just a head of me and i looked forward to it each evening as inspiration. You could tell from the start "whose heart wasn't really in it"!!!

I would recommend anyone at the beginning of th equit to watch an episode online each day to give them fresh hope and actually physically "see" someone going through it with them.

Has anyone heard how they are getting on now? Derek Acora was in my town last week and I was tempted to go to his show to ask him how the quit was going!! (Then again the publicity hasn't done him any harm!!).

perhaps the Celebrity quitters website will have an update.

Definitely one to watch for a source of comfort/inspiration.

Keep going folks ... I'm on to week 5 tomorrow!!




I'm really hoping for a new series, in fact, they should do a celebrity quitters big brother where they coop them all up in the same house for 16 weeks :) Imagine the diary room rants :)


I would pay to watch that!

Hope they do a follow up to the 5 series though, it was a good watch and helped set me up for my quit.

Lottie x


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