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Day one AGAIN !!!

Well I got up to day 23 after a moment if weakness in day 15 without having a smoke, and I done the same last night and smoked half a pack during a night on the pop, I can hardly breathe this morning and disapointed.

However today's a new day and I've learnt to stay in and not have any alcohol for a while.

All In all I'm quite impressed I made it to day 23 with no NRT but might have to try some this time.


P.s I won't be keeping half a pack with me anymore from now on it's cold turkey all the way !

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Hi Stucowley,

I did pretty much the same as you last week, though I hadn't got anywhere near 23 days! I had cold turkeyed for 6 days then caved in and practically ate a whole pack of cigarettes, couldn.t smoke them fast enough. Then of course I felt totally disgusted with myself!

I'm now on day 6 using 10mg patches and an inhalator, and i tell you what, it's a doddle compared to cold turkey!

As many people on here told me, don't beat yourself up. Just get yourself back in to the right frame of mind and try again when you are ready.

Cold turkey's not for everyone and there's plenty other methods to help with your quit.

You managed 23 days which is fantastic, so you know you can do it, just keep temptation out your way next time!

Best of luck



Hi - well done to getting to day 23 cold turkey... it's something I've tried and not succeeded at! At least you're back on the quit and trying again - but I'd definitely try some help... no-one's the same and there isn't one remedy for all - I'm working with the patches this time and it's so much easier... so maybe you could try them...

Keep positive - remember how crap you felt when you woke up and realised that you'd smoked the half a pack - throw the other half away and try again...

Good luck - Rachael :)


Congratulations on qutting again. It doesn't matter how many times you have done it before just never quit the quit!!

Good luck, keep posting and read, read, read. I think education about the addiction is key



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