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Knowing is power!!!

Hi there.

I have not quit yet..I will be going to collect my champix prescription on mon-tue.

I have been following the adviced of members in regard to reading links and materials, and I am so glad.

I have tried to stop smoking many times and, although I have not yet succeded, I realise that my attitude and state of mind is different this time.

Reading about nicotine addiction is helping me to prepare, and I am really looking forward to be free.

Thank you to all the members here that help me and many others.

I now feel that I am finally armed with the knowledge to beat this!

Knowning is power!!!


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Fantastic post, you sound really positive and that is such a huge advantage. Keep up the reading and the posting.

Looking forward to watch your posts as you go from strength to strength as I am sure you will.


Your state of mind is the key to success or failure.

If you want to do it, you will. If you are not too sure or not that bothered you will fail.

Choose to do it when you know you are ready! I quit before because other people nagged me too. It didn't work.

Do it for yourself.

Good luck!


Hi Zaira

I'm dlad you're doing a lot of reading this really will help as the more you know about your enemy the easier he is to beat

I'm also glad that your state of mind is different for when you try again keep reading and learning and posting


Marg xx


Hi with that positive attitude I think you could go a long way. The important thing with Champix is follow the instructions to the latter..

Go for it.

Take a look at the threads by mrsbluebear they may help.



HI Zai...and welcome to the site

Compare my joining date to my quit date and it shows this is not my first quit, but I can say my most successfull by far.

Champix is may wonder if it will ever work at first and dont sweat over your quit date in the two weeks it will come naturally...make sure soemone is around to moderate your moods over the firts couple of months, it has taken its told on some of us, but I still think Champix is amazing.

Best of luck sweetie and keep posting to let us know how you are doing...any help we can offer let us know. It gets a bit mad on here but feel free to join in...quitting does not have to be all misery some of us are trying hard to laugh our way to the Penthouse.

Lots of PMA...xx


Thank you Marg, Lorna and all of the wonderful members which show so much support.

I think support is definately the element often missing while trying to quit.

Yes, I was worried about moods changes...I have taken champix before (but stopped taking it after 9 days)fearing tfor side effects..

Reading posts in the forum is helping me prepare and I am learning what to expect.

I have told my boyfriend to keep an 'eye' on possible strange behaviour....However I am quite weird and moody as a person, so possibly he will not notice lol :D !!!!

Thank you again for all the words of support..I can't wait to get started and claim back my freedom!




Just started champix

Hi everyone

I've just started champix and I'm really please to have found this site. So far no side effects (only day 4). Just wondering - do the side effects develop and change as you go through the course? Haven't stopped smoking yet but aiming for the weekend.

Good on all of us and good luck Zai!




The Power of Knowing is the Power within our Soul. For the Soul knows everything there is to know. Pretty wonderful, don't you think?


As someone on here says



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