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Day 8 (23.01.10)

Hey all,

How is everyone this morning? I'm fine just a little bunged up, I feel all nasal...not sure if its the quitting or I have cold coming but I might get some nasal spray later.

I was really tested last night, I was so stressed out by a mistake I'd made, all I wanted was to smoke :( But instead of giving in, I had a glass of water, a sugar free lolly and went to bed :)

Lindsay xxx

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Hi Lindsay :D

Well done you're doing great

I'm so pleased you didn't give due to the stress I Promise you a fag wouldn't have made anything any different


Marg xx


Thank you Marg and deep down even last night when I was nearly tearing my hair out with stress, I knew a fag wouldn't make it all better but its the first time I've even felt like one so I was a little disappointed with myself.

I'm gonna keep going though :)

Lindsay xxx


Well done Lindsay on knowing that a smoke would not have made you feel any better. In fact you would have felt so much worse wouldn't you because of the disappointment after all that positive effort you've put.

Good on you.

Lorraine :)


Well done not only have you kept your defences strong for over a week you kicked the bad guy right over the hill last night.

Even though I read that urges only last about 3 minutes they seem to last what seems like an hour for me sometimes.

You are doing well stay with it



Thank you Lozza and 20....yesterday was really stressful time, and like I said, even deep down I knew a cig wouldn't solve anything, so if that's as bad as it gets, I'll live.

I can't believe how quick its all gone, I have one more week off and then I'm back at work, so there will be even more tests ahead but I think I'm going to be fine :)

Lindsay xxx


Lindsay are you passing your germs around here...I'm bunged up tonight and it is only 2 weeks since I had the mohter of all colds....

Well done....into week 2 already...counting in weeks now my love.,

Its a long road but just think you will never have to do that first week again.

stay strong and keep posting....xx


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