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Can patches delay the withdrawal process? read on pls

Ok so here I am sat on day 5!! mostly feeling good as I have all week, but im just starting to wonder , im feeling a bit offish, is it possible for the patches to hold back my withdrawl if that makes sense? like the first 5 days have been great because i havent actualy withdrawn from cigs at all yet? obviously I know the patches give some nicotine to help with the withdraws but not alot

is this possible I nearly going into day 6 could be starting to feel the effects only now??

thanks kate

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If you are still getting some nicotine are still geting nicotine ;)

Loads of folk have gotten through their early days of quitting with patches...but, you seem to be at odds with something in the patches.

Keep on with resolving the hand/mouth routine of cigs that patches will help you with. But, at some point you have to resolve nicotine in your quit.

Welcome to the site and please read around and gather what information will help to get you through. Some of that information maybe had in the hyperlinks in members' sigs.



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