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Hi everyone,

Im now on day six and I wont lie its been hard!! Not as hard as I thought though but tonite i have a problem.

My hubby has arrived home from work with flowers chocs and a gorg bottle of wine (he was in the doghouse). He wants us to have US time and watch dvd, have a glass of wine,

Is it too early will my body crave cigs more if i drink alcohol?

Any advice welcome, dont want to let him down cause he is tryin soooo hard but dont want to give up this tobacco fight either.

Cath x

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Hi Cath,

FIrstly -- well done on your decision to quit - and congratus on getting this far.

I'm on day 10 now - so your not too far behind me!

I had a similar problem last Friday. Being a Friday meant a few beers in the house. The first time I had to contemplate having some beers without having a cig. And to be fair it wasn't as bad as I first thought. I think the fear of what would happen was far worse than reality. Beer was definitely a trigger point for a cig in the past - and although it was clearly at the forefront of my mind my sheer determination that beer was not going to spoil what I had achieved so far was enough. I had to break this trigger point and this cycle. I did have a few pangs along the way - but it was manageable.

So much so, I'm quite enjoying this beer tonight free from the thought of a cig at all.

My advice is keep strong. Keep on your toes. Keep reminding yourself of why you quit and how you would have to start the whole process from scratch if you were to fall. The nicotine monster may rear his/her ugly head as you enjoy some wine this evening. But do not give in to it. Listen to it for what its worth. A lingering thought that you must remove from your mind. Sit back and enjoy your wine. And revel in your ability to beat this addiction once and for all.

YOU CAN DO IT. I'm living proof (as many many people on this forum are too) that alcohol doesn't necessarily lead to having a cig. Far from it.

Do not give in. You've done so well this far. The cravings will pass. Deep breaths seem to do the trick.

Come back and tell us how well you have done. Enjoy your evening.



I'm starting to feel reduntant, it's great to see someone who has gone 10 days helping the one who has gone 6 days. Don't think I'm needed anymore it's fantastic and a big well done to both of you.

Cath as hw2010 said it's a trigger, a time you would normally smoke. I can tell you now if you go through this tonight and survive which you will you will feel so happy with yourself. Anyway I'm sure you OHs' intension is to make you happy so don't ruin it by having a fag and being unhappy.

Just keep control and you will be okay, watch TV or there maybe other things you can do like eh well I don't know do I?:D

Jack :)


Good words of advice there Jack - from a true pro. Reading through your advice on this forum Jack it is apparent that you have helped many people. Please continue. We'll support each on this one.

I'm a strong little bugger - but occasionally I may need a bit of support from others.

Whether its your first, tenth, one hundredth day on this quitting journey - well done, and good luck.



Thank you....

Thank you both for the advice.

Jack dont stop giving advice I need all the help I can get lol,

HW, knowing you have had a drink and survived makes me feel better, still nervous but better.

Half hour till kids go to bed then this bottle will be getting cracked open.


Let you know tomorrow how I get on,

Thanks again guys

Cath x


Was just thinking...

By saying I will let u know tomorrow how I get on means there is more than on possible outcome :o :o

There will be only one outcome..

I will do this!!!!

Cath x

Soz for rambling but felt the need to post lol


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