No Smoking Day
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Where am i on the road to freedom think i need a fagnav lol

Well I think coming into 2cnd month ???? am I quit Xmas Eve

Still finding it pretty hard now in fact its harder these last five days than at the beggining any one else exsperienced that

Went to no smoke nures for first time this morning she made me blow in a thing and said it was 2 thought would be 0 after month Boo Hoo

Well Heres my new poem for every one to hopefully make you smile

Will do another over week end any one know a publisher who would publish them for the benefit of the big C ?????????

I can see light at the end of the tunnel

But the candle is decidedly dim

I only stopped smoking at Christmas

And that was done on a whim

If only we knew when we started

How hooked we’d finally become

Oh if only you’d told me more firmly

Now hark I’m blaming my Mum

It seemed so easy when starting

The thought of quittings not Tough

And in reality we now know

That quittings Decidedly Rough

Thanks for reading

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Well done jamangie on reaching your second month. Never had what you're going through now but you seem to be managing it well. That 2 on the blower shows you're smoke free. Nurse told us it was very rare for anyone to register 0 but people have said they have. Sorry can't help with the poetry. David


Hi I like the poetry. Yes you're right it's probably getting harder and I hate to say this but may get just a little harder before it starts to ease off.

I am over 7 weeks now and I am still finding it hard. I am not finding it hard to say no to smoking I'm finding it very hard to ajust to a routine and life without smoking. I have not quite got to the I don't even think about it now stage and I wish I could stop thinking about it. But we all know that's going to take time. We have done something for many years it's not easy just to stop doing it.

Keep strong keep going and some of the days get easier but not to worry you you will get some hard days to. We just have to fight our way through them.

A very well done for getting this far, keep the head up and the lungs clear.



Not wanting or needing just cant forget lol

Hi thanks for the posts actually Jack think you are right it is not withdrawal its like anxiety feeling edgy and as if all the nerve endings in body are all awake or something like that not a great exsplanation but the only way I can describe it

And nurse told me that 2 is ok but you would think after month be nil but we get carbomonoxide from traffic and air itself so prob never get to 0 but keep trying LOL

How are you any way after your visit to doc, Ok I hope


Two on the blower sounds about right what with background pollution outside and it is way better than the 7 I scored at the quit clinic last Monday - what a body blow - after 6 weeks quit and a previous week reading of 2 :eek:

I demanded a recount ha ha, the lady re-set the device and I got a one this time :D. she then apologised and put errant reading down to the fact that a heavy smoker had previously used it ;)


Follow me down the road bordered with clean ashtrays lol

That would have been completely mind blowing, good job you decided to go again, Working on 0 for next week going to put head in carrier bag so only get clean air befor test (only jesting)

Finding conflicting opinions every where as in how long this lasts and very confused, but I think that we are more addicted to actual ciggy than we realise and not as much to the nicotine as we are lead to believe as if it was just the nicotine we would be able to take the replacement therapy and we would be exactly the same but even those on the replacement still feel all the bad bits as well I think that if they gave you nicotine free cigs you would be happy and no withdrawal, what do others think?????????

Excuse my ramble


Quitting is easy staying quit is hard

Weeeeeeeeeeeee today with the smoking nurse I got a one

I am so glad I didnt have to resort to bag on the head LOL

She was so pleased and complimentry (shes an x smoker so knows what we go through to get quit) which is so moral boosting

Hope every one is feeling up beat

Got my NHS Quit box to Day only 5 weeks too late but hey CT is easy Grrrrrrr

Must admit I like the twiddly snake and the sticky patches and wait for it the 28 Day Quit Plan and it says Day 28 Iv done it so why is it im on day 36 and still feel Sh** sometimes Oh I know its cause Im not normal, So glad I worked that one out else I would be worried LOL Have a good smoke Free day

And if today gets realy bad you can smoke tomorrow Oh sorry forgot tomorrow never comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quittings easy its staying quit thats hard

Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob

I am gutted dog has broken my snake and I cant fix it I am either going to kill the dog or smoke?

Ok no contest kill the dog Hee Hee

Cant stay on long as my tears have soaked my slippys and now my feet are soooooooo cold decided I will go and beat OH up instead

So if any one has a snake they dont want any longer I have good home for one and promise not to let the dog get to it.

PS Sun is shinning how good does that make you feel such a boost to us none smokers.


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