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Hi guys

Only meeeee....:D

Not long off the 10 month mark for me.... soon be walking up the steps to penthouse :D

Hope everyone else is going strong. Just been watching celeb Quitters, don't envy them first dayers ... BUT, I owe my 10 month quit to THEM first few days cos not for anything would I want to re-live them :eek: ... that's what keeps me quit, cos I know If I started againI would NOT have the guts to have to do them days again :(

Loads of old names and loads of new names on here means more and more people are breaking free!! It's BRILLIANT.

Off to the land of nod now... but, good luck everyone xxx you're all bloody fantastic

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Hi Slinky :D

Well done 10 months is great Big Hug


Marg xx


Hi Slinky,

good to see you are still around! Well done to you, soon will be your turn the hit the penthouse!! x



Hey Slinky, great to see u still going strong... I have been coming on recently as encouraging my friend who I introduced to this site, good to see all us MMQs getting nearer to the penthouse.. Also all the newbies doing so well. Yes I agree wouldnt want to go through those first few weeks again...

I have watched the first 2 epsoides of that programme, it is really good... It is on the forum to watch, Jason has put it on a thread...

See u in Penthouse soon Take care Kaz x :p


Thanks everyone xxx and Lovely to hear from you Karen .... it is great to see old names as well as new! I watched upto episode 4 on the link from this site, its a great programme and just goes to show, everyone has their ups and downs... even if it aint all on the same day as each other... and every person has a different way of dealing with it. :D

But, as has been said, its not HOW you do it, It's not WHY you do it... it's just that you DO IT ;)


Hi Slinky

Hi Slinky , nice post.

Always good to hear from people resolute and comfortable in the quit with a strong focus of getting to the penthouse.

With you all the way WELL DONE !:)


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

6 months cold turkey:cool:


10 months is fantastic, determination to stay free of a HORRID addiction, Im with you all the way xx


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