No Smoking Day
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Hi all

Back again so sick to the back teeth of smoking want rid of the addiction once and for all!!!

One day at time - my new approach - not very sofisticated but feel like I have tried every other way!!! So... not thinking about tomorrow or next week or months down the line as a non smoker all I am thinking about is going to bed tonight and feeling good about myself for not smoking today!!

For me it is definately a mental thing so any tips on this side of things please help me out... dont get physical cravings as such just a bit of a mental fight with myself thinking that I have to smoke because its what I do every other day!

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I remember early in my quit, choosing not to smoke for an hour, and then choosing not to smoke for the next hour when that came. Now to be honest with you that did kinda make the days drag and I did feel like I wishing my life away, but hey it got me through the early days.

So whatever works for you. One day at a time is how we are all getting to the penthouse.

Read loads and post often that will really help, and know that all the support you could possibly ask for is right here.


Hi Kelu

You've started well with the right attitude... one day at a time - that's how I'm doing it. Are you going cold turkey or are you using something to help you? I've tried so many ways before and nothing has ever worked (although the main factor in this all is the want and willpower!) - but I'm finding that patches are making this so much easier for me this time...

Keep the PMA and don't think about tomorrow, or the next day - just give yourself a pat on the back when you've done one day... then another and another...

Good luck - Rachael :)


Hi there Kelu

You have made the decision all you have to do is not smoke... Day 6 for me! I just think if I can do that again then I'll be on day 12...We have to face facts stopping smoking won't kill us! Try and think positive...I had a bad night last night and my mind started telling me go on have a smoke you can start again on the quitting tomorrow... I grouched about and made some food had a cup of tea and 20 mins later I was back on track and in the morning I felt great.

Can't express enough how excersise helps...

Keep going...we are all in it together


Hi Kelu

I have only got to where I am (16 weeks) by taking one craving at a time. It's been very tough at times, anxiety, depression, itrritability etc. but it has eased. I found Gillian Riley's book very helpful at as technique....maybe worth a read and my new friend, excercise especially yoga and cycling in the early days. Now I am fitter I love doing anything. I would never be able to do a spinning class now if I smoked!! Keep posting when you get stuck as I am sure someone will have some sage words to help you through. Take care.


So for now I am just not smoking for today. Hope you are with me on this one and we can face tomorrow when it comes.

Hi Titch

nice to have someone on the same day... hope you are getting through today ok... im ok but starting to feel tired... been working from 8.30am and dont finish till 9pm trying to stop my mind wondering lol

We can do this... easy peasy!!! All we have to do is not smoke... it sounds silly but its true...!!!

PS everyone thank you so much for your replies was not expected all this support... feels nice :) I love exercising so any tips re this would be great as I am not finding much time for it at the minute and am so self consious about my weight :( think this is one of my big fears about quitting! I worked really hard to loose weight recently and do not want to undo all that hard work but defo dont want to keep smoking either... does this make sense? Any one know what im talking about... :o


Hi Kelu,

One step at a'll all fall in to place.


Kelu and Titch hi and good for you two to have another go.

I don't really want to go through how I stopped it might bore the others if I tell it again. Ah tough luck if it does I've only told it once.

I did not plan to stop just one day I had a cig at 9.30am and decided to see how long I could go without smoking. I lasted 6 hours till 3.30pm a record for me I had a cig then at 4.10pm I lit another one then thought to myself I don't really need this and chucked it away. I decided to try and go another 6 hours through until 10pm and I did. That's when I had my last cigarette because the next day I set myself a target time got to that time didn't smoke then set another time, still didn't smoke. I got through to 10pm that day without smoking 24hours, I was so pleased with myself. I had always said if I could go 24 hours without smoking I would never smoke again.

I have today gone 7 weeks, it's still hard but I intend to keep going. You will never find a reason for having a cigarette only an excuse, if you have a problem that won't go away and you have a fag after you've smoked it the problem will still be there. If you think it's a big problem not to smoke a problem is not a problem it is a challenge.

1 hour becomes 2 hours 2 becomes 24 and so on.

If you want to do it, you will.



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