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feeling ok

:) Hello eveyone, hope you are all well

Well it is day 2 for me and still doing allright. After yesterdays 'high' i woke up this morning still feeling positive and pleased with myself but waiting for it to hit me, which it did. I suddenly became very panicky this morning about not being able to be a non smoker, I guess I have smoked for more than half my life and I am a bit unsure about how to be a non smoker. I know it sounds really strange and a bit pathetic but it is how i felt.

Have calmed down now and feel much better again, but a bit sad, not down or depressed as on previous quits, just a bit sad that I know that my life will never be the same again but at the same time Ilooking forward to life without cigarettes!

I am sorry if I went on a bit :o, it does all sound a bit dramatic but it does help me to write it down and reading your experiences!

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Well done on day 2, so that is the first 24 hours done and you will never have to do the first 24 hours again, how fab is that.

You are retraining yourself to be a non smoker and this will take time, do the reading and that will help you get your head inthe right place.

You sound really strong and positive so try to hold on to that if/when you panic again.

Keep posting, make them as long as want, means I can put off doing work whilst I read them :D


Hi Sas :D

Day 2 that's great well done you

Becoming panicky all of a sudden is normal OK and I understand what you mean here

You have to practice being a none smoker after all we most of us smoked for a long time in my case over 50 years

But you can learn to do it we'll all help it's part of what we do here

No life will never be the same for any of us but I'll tell you a secret Shhhhhhhhh


Just think no more standing around in all weather to get your fox, no more wondering when and where you'll be able to smoke, no more smelling like an ashtray the benefits are huge in so many ways


Marg xx


Day 2 was a bit of a difficult day for me 2 but I promise this will pass. Deep breaths, keep busy and comfort eat. :)

Take care.


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