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What to do to celebrate 100 days?

I am rapidly approaching my 100th day (10th feb) and I was thinking what could I do to make it a bit special and a day to look forward to and be proud of reaching. :confused:

So I thought why not ask on here what other people have done or are planning for their 100th day?! :rolleyes:

Please let me know what you did or are planning to help me decide the best way to spend my 100th day. :p

(I know it's just a good excuse to have a fun day all about me (and everyone else who reaches 100 on that day!). But what a great reason to party!

100 days as a non smoker!!) :D

And yes before you ask I do intend to celebrate 200 days & 300 days this year too!!xx

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I will be celebrating on the 10th by going out for a meal with a good friend,

Cause its my birthday!!


you could buy us all presents to let us know how much you love us all? :D


shouldn't I be getting the presents from all of you to tell me how proud you all are? :p


Hi Becks. I'll be 100 days on the same day as you. Personally I think we are just brilliant. Let's hear it for us *****applause****.:D

Unfortunately I won't be in the UK on the day itself, I'll be either in Chile or the Falkland Islands where there is zilch in the way of signal to my iphone, so I won't be posting.

Wherever I am, I will drink a nice glass of Red (Chilean Malbec probably) and raise my glass in toast to the 2 of us.;)

In the meantime, congrats on day 80!!


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