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Bad stuff!!!!:(

Hi there,

I have tried to stop smoking CT but failed miserably..I have had enough and I contacted the NHS..Again!!!

I took Champix before but, instead to see it through, I did get scared from the symptoms and stopped taking them and going to group sessions at around day 9...

I thought I could do it by myself, but obviuosly not!!The doctor I spoke to was so understanding and I have made an appointment for Thursday...I hope it will be different this time as I have definately a different state of mind than before.

I really want to quit.


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Well that's the first hurdle, actually wanting to quit.

Don't forget you can get lot's of support from here too, so best wishes for when you decide to go for it - and let us know so we can help you along the way;)


Hi Zaira, sorry to hear about your struggles. CT is not for everyone and it does not matter how you stop only that you do.

You say you have a different state of mind now so that is really good, remember to do lots of reading, it will help. We are all here to help you all we can, one day at a time, you can do this.

Keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.


Hi Zaira

Well done on your decision to quit. Different methods workd for different people so you chose whichever suits you.

Whatever one you chose you still need a lot of willpower. From personal experience reading and educating myself about nicotine and quitting and getting/giving support on this forum has made my willpower stonger.

Keep posting & good luck


Tinks xx


Hi Zaire :)

I'm sorry CT didn't work for you but it doesn't suit everyone just as nothing suits us all

next time you'll do it so when you're ready come back and we'll all be gere for you


Marg xx


Hi Zaira

Your first hurdle is overcome by the fact that you really want to quit... I've tried a number of times with different methods, but went to the doctors and i've got patches - and they've really helped. I think what has helped also is that I actually believe that patches are helping me - so my mind is trained to think that I can do this!

Hope that they can help you and give you the right 'aid' - you've got the right attitude so keep positive and keep posting - let us know how you're doing...

Good luck - Rachael x


Thank you for all your support..You are all fantastic :)

Hi there.

Thank you for all yur kind words and support.I was quite ashamed aboout posting in regard to my recent failure, but I am trying to see as another reason to stop:cigaretts having such strong hold over me!!

Everybody here is great..I have tried to stop to my friends (all of them are smokers) and I had little support.

I don't blame them as the nicotine addition favours denial..Every time I used to meet an ex-smoker I used to think that stopping smoking was bad!!!That was obviously the addition talking!!

I have been reading tons of stuff in here and decided to give champix another go. I did only take it for 9 days and got scared from the side effects.

Having read threads about symptoms I am now armed with info in regard to what expect. At the time I thought I was having a bad reaction, together with not been 100% ready to stop..and I am ready now for sure!!

I will keep you all informed.




Please do - I'm certainly finding that posting here & reading other peoples experiences are helping me loads.


Hi Zaira

Sorry to here your ct attempt didn't work out but glad your going to give your quit another go.

I also had bad time on champix suffered really bad panic attacks when i used before and docs advised me to stop using champix ,so this time im using patches with a inhalor as a back up and so far my quit has been really easy and im on my 4th week i have used patches before and they didn't work so good but i think this time i was really determined to quit,so maybe worth considering nrt before you start another course on champix because if you really want to succeed you will and you will have loads of support on here.



Hi Zaira.

Sorry to hear about the CT didn't work, but it's good that you are still going to quit.

Also glad to hear you are going to doctors for help. I went to the doctors because I had a chest infection, he adviced me to give up:eek:. Made an appointment with smoking nurse, got the patches and now I have given up for 8 weeks. I didn't think I would get this far.:)

Being on this forum helps alot because you know other people are going through these horrible feelings and you know you are not alone. You get loads of help, advice and support.

keep reading and posting messages on this forum because it certainly help you on the road to quitting.

All the best and looking forward to your messages.



Thank you all for your great support...

I wish I found this forum before!!

It is difficult sometime to find the right support..Non-smokers do not understand what we are going through because they never smoked and smokers that don't want to quit try sometimes to discourage us.

This forum is helping me so much and I am so grateful..I feel like I am not trying on my own.




Hi Zaire :D

You never need to feel alone we're all here to help when oyu need us


Marg x


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