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Is it really that hard?

I do find it a shame that smokers are told repeatedly and relentlessly that quitting is a really hard thing to do and that they have some of the toughest days/weeks/months ahead. It makes the decision to stop smoking terrifying even before the final cigarette is stubbed out.

Isn't it right that everybody has a different experience with their quit. Any smoker wanting to quit, please look amongst some of the posts in the first couple of weeks and then month posts. You will see that people are experiencing a real mix of feelings, emotions, difficulties etc. Not all these will apply to you, some might, maybe none, but who knows unless you try.

The main thing to realise is that there is all sorts of support for all sorts of experiences. Its not a failure if you don't succeed, most of us aren't here with our first attempt. You have only failed if you decide that you are going to smoke for the rest of your life, and every attempt you make prepares you for maybe another emotion you will feel along the way.

Please do not be put off by horror stories. Try it, it might not be so bad :)

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yeah its a tough one that. On one had I agree and think that it is constantly overly hyped up. Alot of this comes indirectly from cigarette companies that want you to not even try. they want you to think its impossible. that way they keep getting your hard earned dosh.

on the other hand I think unless you do face up to the fact that addictions, are by their very nature, difficult to break, then your gonna be on the back foot before you get going. If they weren't, they would be addictions right?

One thing I am totally sure of is that a positive attitude and a determination to get through whatever is thrown at you, be it easier than you have been told or thought, or whether its harder than you have been told or thought, is the only way to quit.

you have to believe you can do it. and the great news is, you CAN DO IT:D


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