No Smoking Day
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Day 6 and still no fix

Thanks for the words of wisdom yesterday, they do help!!! Still wandering around the house like a lost sole with little enthusiasm but I havn't had one. I was thinking about hypnotism as a final bullet in the cigarette packet just to confirm to my brain that I am not missing out. What does anybody else think?

Can't get away from this feeling that I have been black balled from my own club. Weird dream last night too, went to a party, opened up my packet to grab a cig just to realise I had none left, what an awful feeling.................

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yeah the smoking dreams are really wierd. I guess what your feeling at the moment is the gap and the feeling of loss. Im not sure how long you smoked for but if like most it was for decades then its gonna take some time to adjust. Your nearly at a week now nessy so just try and take it gentle. It really is about getting through these early days however you can.

rooting for ya! :D


Dreams are wierd

Ever had the dream where you are smoking...whe you wake you realise it was all a dream...I'm always glad it was just a dream.

Is there anything you can do to get out and about... Go to the cinema...something like that?

Some one posted a message about Exercise... and it is true that it can help with passing the time and feeling good.

I'm off for a jog in 10 mins


Freedom is a state of mind

Hi trust me the dreams go and so do all the symptoms of withdrewal and some are quite strange are they not and the tinglies were the most prominant for me and the waking on and off all night but trust me I smoked for 41 years and I would never have thought I could quit but I have CT and so have you and we are brilliant and strong and getting healthier day by day HUGS AND MORE HUGS

I’m really glad that you’ve quit

Cause in the past you’ve smoked some sh**

Smelly Hair Hands and Breath

Shorter Life but longer Death

Up the hills you’ve got no puff

Smokers cough that makes you rough

So pass each day without the weed

Cause only then will you succeed

So Bravo to all that now don’t smoke

Cause early Death is sure no Joke


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