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Brainwashed since Birth

You all realise that we have been brainwashed since birth to see smoking as a cool thing...Something that even a non smoker needs or rewards themselves when we are about to meet our maker or survive a close call... Bruce Willis in die hard is a fine example... Far from just being addicted (easy to break), the brain washing is what I struggle with when I know full well that a cigarette does nothing to make me feel like a hero, just a loser and lethargic... I know it tastes awful and smells awful. However every time you see Bruce Willis, at the end of Die Hard, light that precious cigarette...He's half dead but wait...ahhh that's better he's chugging away on that smoke and oh my he looks like he is enjoying it... If you have ever done physical exercise to the point where you are out of breath and the try smoking a cigarette, far from being nice, it usually feels like you are going to cough until you turn yourself inside out... Brainwashing is the thing to break free from... Read Allen Carr's Easy Way...It is great!!!!!!!!

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yep... smoking can have that effect on young people to start i think as they see their "heros" smoking on tele so they think its cool to smoke

they should ban tv on tele all together i think


Still has that effect on me...makes me think that there is something to enjoy in a cigarette when I know full well there isn't... I should say HAD that 3 for me!


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